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This wiki was launched March 18, 2006 as a Universal Design for Learning class discussion forum for the CU Denver Spring 2006 IT 6740 Learning Processes Applied to Instructional Technology class, and it represents Ken Marranzino and Ann Simpson's final project for the class.

It was populated by the class, the week of April 10, 2006.

[edit] About the Logo

The logo was designed by Ann Simpson and is based on symbolism for the ideas contained within UDL:

  • The circle is for wholeness, unity, never-ending.
  • The bottom of the symbol within the circle comes from four points representing the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) or the four directions (N, S, E, and W) but more specifically for UDL, the different kinds of people, their different levels of prior knowledge, learning styles, cultures, etc.
  • The four points connect into a spiral, which symbolizes evolution or the growth process.
  • The top of the symbol is a tree, which represents the tree of knowledge.
  • Color matters: In Native American symbolism, red stands for communication, green for living willfully, and blue for using intuition to teach and to serve. Additionally, the greens and blues in several cultures stand for life, vigor, and technology.

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